Railroad Corporation steams ahead to full release next week

Iceberg Interactive has confirmed the full release date for its railway empire building simulator Railroad Corporation, and there’s not a long wait. In fact Railroad Corporation will be released and leave Steam Early Access on November 18th. The early access build currently has one chapter with a few other things including a sandbox mode allowing players to build without limitations such as time and objectives, a challenge mode, and a multiplayer mode.

The full release will add a second chapter allowing players to create their own companies and battle against an AI which will be trying to meet the same goals that the players are. A stock market will be available in the game too allowing players to buy and sell stocks to fund their fledgling railway companies.


Will you be able to create a railway that runs on time, and provide a better service than a number of rail companies in the UK? That’s probably one of the easy challenges in the game, to be honest.

Source: Press Release

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