Wolfenstein: Youngblood update 1.07 adds new maps, missions, and abilities

A new update has arrived for the Nazi crushing title Wolfenstein: Youngblood with patch 1.07 adding some major features. It’s available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One with the Switch patch coming soon.  One of those major additions are the treasure missions which also bring two new areas for players to explore. The treasure quests are available once the mission ‘Da’at Yichud Artifacts’ has been completed. Upon completion of that missions two areas, a Nazi bunker and a Parisian reservoir become available through the mission ‘Treasure Hunt’. Along with the new areas are three new enemy types which include the teleporting soldier Wurmlochsoldat, the Tesla drones called Electrodrohne, and the turret wielding laserhund called Turmhund.

After Treasure Hunt has been completed 20 treasures are highlighted around Paris and finding them will reward silver coins, XP, and ability points. Those points will come in handy as there will be new abilities to unlock. These are quick revive, dual wield expert and silent killer. New Pep signals include hammer rage which restores heavy weapon ammo and quad damage which allows quadruple damage to be dealt for four seconds.


Finally there are some new skins for players to obtain including the Bomber, Bloodthirst, and Chrome Syndrome skins. When Nick reviewed Wolfenstein: Youngblood this is what he had to say:

Youngblood feels like Wolfenstein got drunk and ended up at the wrong party. It’s still able to pull off some of the same old tricks, but it feels wildly out of place alongside RPG-style levelling from Destiny or The Division. The next entry needs to go back to the previous formula, let me shoot my way through hordes of Nazi’s and spin a good yarn.  Go home Wolfenstein, you’re drunk.
You can read the full Wolfenstein: Youngblood review here.


Source: Bethesda

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