Gas Guzzlers Extreme will be released on PS4 later this month

Iceberg Interactive and Gamepires have confirmed that Gas Guzzlers Extreme, the Twisted Metal like vehicle combat game, will be released for PS4 on November 26th. The gameplay is all about team combat and players will start with low powered vehicles and make their way up to more powerful vehicles.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme on PS4 will also include the Full Metal Frenzy and Full Metal Zombie DLCs. The second DLC is all about using your vehicle to take out the zombie hordes, but they have weapons and killing too many means the ground becomes slick which can lead to your own vehicle crashing out and being overrun. There’s a total of 42 tracks, 12 game modes and arenas, 21 cars, 12 weapons, 22 zombie types, and eight environments.

Source: Press Release

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