Halo Reach comes to Halo: The Master Chief Collection & Xbox Game Pass in early December

Microsoft has confirmed that Halo: Reach will finally be coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection on December 3rd for PC and Xbox One. Players will be able to pre-install Halo Reach today through Xbox Game Pass or by pre-ordering from the Microsoft Store or Steam.

The Halo: Master Chief Collection will be available for the price of $39.99 on PC and will include all the mainline games, with Halo Reach also purchasable individually for $9.99.

On PC, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will have remappable keys, a field of view slider, and variable frame rate support. While split screen co-op is not going to be available at launch it will be added as part of a later update. Seasons will be something that will be heading to the game’s multiplayer, as well for a way to earn player customisations.

We’ve got to dig far into the archives of TheSixthAxis to find what Kris thought of Halo Reach when it was originally released nine years ago.

Bungie have gone completely overboard on the multiplayer, and the customisation available through the Forge World map editor is only going to add to this. However, it’s the magnificence of the campaign that my heart belongs to, it drew me into the world in a way that few stories do.

Bungie have completely outdone themselves here and 343 Industries have a lot to live up to as they take on the franchise. I don’t really know what’s left that they can improve upon whilst keeping the new title still feeling like a Halo game. I think that’s what matters most here; this still feels like Halo, but it’s Halo+ or Halo Beyond.

That’ll do Bungie, that’ll do.

You can read the classic Halo Reach review here.

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