KartRider: Drift is a free to play kart racer heading to Xbox One and PC

Nexon has announced KartRider: Drift, a free to play kart racer, and it is heading to Xbox One and PC via Steam and the Nexon launcher. This is first time the KartRider franchise is coming to the West having been popular in Asian nations since the original KarRider released in 2004, amassing a total of 380 million players on PCs.


KartRider: Drift will have three modes which include a speed mode which is competitive and features drifting challenges, a time attack mode, and an item mode. The karts will have a number of customization options so players can personalise their looks. There will be seasonal updates throughout the life of the game.

There will be a closed beta taking place from December 5th in North America and December 6th in Europe. Players can sign up by going to the KartRider: Drift website.

Source: Press Release

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