F1 2019 1.18 update out now, patch notes here

Codemasters has released update 1.18 for F1 2019 for all platforms. The patch has brought in features such as being able to save custom camera setups by car, more detailed notifications about grid penalties, assists will now carry over to the race, in multiplayer people will be able to view each other’s super license on session list screen, and in leagues users will receive a notification of the amount of applications in waiting.

The full patch notes are below.

  • GENERAL – Added the ability to save custom camera setups per cars
  • GENERAL – Addressed an issue where audio could periodically drop out between sessions
  • EVENTS – Addressed an issue where assists set in the weekly event would not carry into the race
  • LEAGUES – User is now notified how many applications are waiting
  • CAREER – User will now receive a mail detailing why they received a grid penalty
  • CAREER – User will now be notified which F1 teams they are affiliated with if they selected a driver academy
  • CAREER – User can now see who gained the fastest lap throughout the season on the season results tab
  • MULTIPLAYER – Users can now view a player’s super license on the session list screen

Two customization bundles have also been released with these being an Abu Dhabi content pack that has a livery, helmet, and badge. There is also a Holiday pack that will have Christmas themed designs. In our F1 2019 review Thomas wrote:

While F1 2019 adds features from the all-time bucket list of many an F1 fan, these new additions aren’t quite fully formed yet. This still managed to be the best Formula 1 game by Codemasters to date – the handling of the F2 cars and new online modes are genre defining – but there is always scope for further improvements and some areas are now beginning to feel a little stale. Video gamers can be so demanding sometimes.

You can read the F1 2019 review here.

Source: Codemasters 

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