Gears 5 Operation: Free For All will be available in December

The Coalition has confirmed what the next operation will be for Gears 5 and it is Operation: Free For All, which will be available from December 11th. As you may have guessed from the game this operation will bring in free for all in multiplayer but that’s not all. Alongside the addition of the mode Lizzie Carmine and Baird will be joining the roster, along with new maps and other modes. The Coalition will be revealing more about them closer to the start of the operation.

Before that though a new event is going live today and that is Thanksgibbing. In this playlist every player is given a buckshot variant called Cluckshot, and this weapon fires chickens. Do well enough and these chickens then carpet bomb areas with deadly eggs. During the event players will be able to claim   the Cluckshot Boomshot weapon skin, turkey animal mark, cooked turkey mark and a turkey leg mark.In Tour of Duty players will be able to partake in a boosted double stars weekend which will run from Thu, Nov 28 at 2am PT – Mon, Dec 2 at 2am PT.


There are a number of different rewards to earn as well, including a Lancer skin depending on your placement with the Divisions, while in Escape mode it is the following items:

  • Forever: Infected Snub Skin (Top 1%), Infected Dropshot Skin (Top 10%)
  • The Clock: Infected Lancer GL Skin (Top 1%), Infected Torque Bow Skin (Top 10%)
  • The Trap: Infected Overkill Skin (Top 1%), Infected EMBAR Skin (Top 10%)
  • Last Stand: Infected Gnasher (Top 1%), Infected Boomshot (Top 10%)

Nick played Gears 5 for review and this is what he thought of the game:

Gears 5 is a brilliant experience which can be enjoyed alone or with friends in equal measure. It keeps much of the series’ core gameplay and feel, but also takes it in some new directions. It’s great to see Gears evolving, opening the door for even more positive changes in the future.

You can read the full Gears 5 review right here.

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