Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s next monster is the Stygian Zinogre

Capcom has been teasing a new monster for a little while now, telling us it will be added in December. After all of that teasing the publisher has finally come out and announced exactly what to expect, and hunters are going to be in for a tough time. The Stygian Zinogre is the new monster being added to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and this hell wolf will not be going down easily. You can see it in action below.


The Stygian Zinogre will be live from December 5th and alongside it there will be other content including weapons, armour, and the new Tundra Region in the Guiding Lands. As it’ll be near Christmas seasonal events will be taking place with exclusive content to gain from them too. If you’re yet to delve into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne you can get an idea of the experience from Dom’s summary:

Monster Hunter: World is deservedly Capcom’s most successful game to date, and the Iceborne expansion amplifies everything positive about it. More incredible monsters, new lands and a wealth of ways to upgrade your Hunter will have fans in rapture, while new players yet to experience the delights of monster hunting can rest assured that there’s never been a better time to join the hunt.

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