Rainbow Six Siege patch notes live ahead of Y4S4 release

For those waiting to get their hands on Siege’s two newest Operators, you won’t have to wait much longer. Although Year 4 Season 4 (code-named “Operation Shifting Tides) is only accessible via the test server right now, it’s public launch is hopefully days away.

We were lucky enough to get an early preview of the latest season before its announcement at the Pro League finals in Tokoname, Japan. For Siege regulars there’s a lot to be excited for though most fans will have their eyes firmly fixed on Kali, the new sniper class Operator. With her comes the game’s first bolt-action rifle that’s already starting to shake up the meta. Wamai doesn’t make quite as a much of a splash though his puck-like device can catch grenades and detonate them – a cool new defence tactic.

You can read more here – Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides – 20 things you need to know.

In the meantime, Ubisoft has published its pre-season Designer’s Notes for fans to pore over as they countdown the minutes to launch. Think of these as beefed up patch notes where Siege’s balance team and designers give players more insight into the changes that are happening and why.

Four weapons and four Operators share the spotlight in these latest notes with Ubisoft going into more depth explaining the new limb penetration system. We summarised the notes below:


M-12 SMG

  • Increased M-12 SMG damage from 36 to 40


    • Decreased damage dealt beyond 10 meters
    • Spread increase and accuracy reduction


  • Spread increase and accuracy reduction

BOSG 12.2

  • #BOSGACOG is here (ACOG now available as attachment)



  • Increased Glaz’s scope highlight base intensity


  • Increased Kaid’s Electroclaw radius from 0.75m to 1.3m
  • Replaced Impact Grenades with Barbed Wire


  • Replaced Barbed Wire with C4


  • Added different coloured circles around the targeted footstep for better visual feedback. These circles also have varying pattern lengths to be Colour Blind friendly. This carries over from the Y4S3 Designer’s Notes.



Source: Ubisoft

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