Space Pioneer will bring some fast paced hunting to Switch in December

Qubic Games has confirmed that it will be publishing Vivid Games’ twin stick run and gun shooter slash RPG lite combo Space Pioneer on Nintendo Switch and that it will be available from December 6th. In Space Pioneer players act as bounty hunters to traverse various planets in the hunt for creatures that need taking down to make the universe a bit safer.


Here are the features:

  • Tight and responsive run and gun gameplay
  • Multiple galaxies to exterminate through
  • Big ass boss battles
  • Rewarding progress system – continually upgrade your weapons, gear + skills
  • 3 class types to choose from – Light, Heavy and Standard
  • Local co-op up to 4 players

Space Pioneer is already available on iOS and Android devices. The Switch version will price priced at €10/$10, though if you own any Qubic Games title then there is a 50% discount on pre-orders.

Source: Press Release

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