Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 will have “huge” focus on story

With Ubisoft’s flagship online shooter about to enter its final season of Year 4, Rainbow Six Siege fans are already looking way ahead into 2020.


According to the game’s presentation director, Alexander Karpazis, the team at Ubisoft Montreal will delve into Rainbow Six lore to bolster its content for Year 5.

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In a recent interview with IGN, this is what he said in regards to future Siege content:

So what I can say for Year 5 is the story elements are going to be huge for us. We’re going to have a really important story arc that kicks off in season one (Y5S1). It involves Nighthaven […] this is an important element we want to introduce to the game and everything is going to be wrapped up in that. You’ll see it in the Operators, you’ll see it in the Battle Pass, you’ll see it in all of the stories we try to tell for Year 5.

While not a total shift in focus, this is certainly a new direction for the game. When Siege launched back in 2015 it had little to no story whatsoever beyond the intro cutscenes and bios written for the original Operators.

It’s fair to say that, back then, these characters were simple avatars defined only by the unique game changing gadgets they brought into battle. Fans soon latched onto their favourites, however, and as Siege grew in popularity the community had built their own fiction surrounding the shooter’s growing roster of elite specialists.

During the Six Invitational 2019, Ubisoft debuted a new cinematic titled “The Hammer and the Scalpel” delving into the backgrounds of Thatcher and Dokkaebi.

Exactly what the studio has planned for Year 5’s story remains a mystery for now. However, the game’s newest season of content – Operation Shifting Tides – introduces a new fictional PMC called Nighthaven which is likely to play a pivotal role.

It will be interesting to see exactly how these story elements play out and whether we’ll see any overlap with the upcoming Rainbow Six Quarantine which will star a number of familiar Siege characters.

Source: IGN (via PC Gamer)

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