Manage the natural world in strategy title Natural Instinct

DreamStorm Studios has announced a brand new strategy game called Natural Instincts which is all about protecting and nurturing the natural environment to help animals thrive and survive. Players will have unlimited power to help the animal populations thrive but it won’t be a simple thing to manage due to the forces that will hit from outside of your control.


In this world, there are dangers, both natural and human inflicted, including polluted rivers and lakes, poachers, predators. There are different biomes including deserts, Antarctica, and forests. In each of these places, players will need to observe the animals and the way they act, their habits as a group, their breeding cycles, where they find shelter. On top of this players will need to teach animals to keep away from harm like avoiding cars, get away from hunters, and react to natural disasters including fires and droughts.

Natural Instinct is going to be released on PC but a date is yet to be confirmed.

Source: Press Release

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