Ride 4 announced and it will be hitting the track in 2020

Milestone has announced the next instalment of the Ride with Ride 4 slated to release in 2020. The developer has not revealed any real details but has teased more realism for the bikes as well as brand new features not seen before in the series. Milestone has partnered with Yamaha to celebrate all things motorbike, and more details on how that relationship will pan out will be revealed at a later date too.


Milestone did reveal some figures for the Ride franchise confirming there have been over 1.5 million players who have collectively bought over 52 million bikes and raced 233 billion kilometres of track. Ride 3 was released last year and this is what Thomas had to say in the review:

On paper Ride 3 offers a lot of variety both in terms of quantity of bikes and track options. It’s possibly the most refined Milestone game to date and you could spend 20 hours playing through the career and have a perfectly acceptable experience, but you’ll be left wanting more. It does little to innovate or move the genre forward. In many ways, Ride 3 is like eating a 14 piece KFC bargain bucket all to yourself. Initially it’s satisfying and feels like great value for money, but about halfway through, indigestion starts to make you question why you didn’t just get a Zinger burger instead. Sometimes, less is more.

You can read the full Ride 3 review here. Let’s hope Ride 4 is an improvement.

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