The Crew 2 is free to play this weekend

Ubisoft have announced a free weekend for The Crew 2 running from 5th December to 8th December on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, uPlay, or the Epic Games Store.


“Players will have access to the full game – including the newest update, Blazing Shots, which brings weekly PvE competitions and unique LIVE Summit events where players must reach the top of the leaderboard to win exclusive rewards based on their ranking,” say Ubisoft. “Players can experience Blazing Shots, plus hundreds of other challenges and the freedom to explore the entire US on land, sea and in the air behind the wheel of their dream vehicle.”

If you like the game you can pick it up with up to 70% off the title and the season pass, and any progress you make during the weekend will be carried over to the full game if purchased.

You will need Xbox Live Gold to play but those without PlayStation Plus can download the game and play offline.

“The Crew 2 is a fun game in a lot of ways, but lacklustre in others,” we said in our review. “For every enjoyable event there may be another that is frustrating or simply a little boring. The open world can be great to explore, but thanks to being able to fast travel to every event you don’t ever actually need to physically cross the USA. Ubisoft should be commended for really taking a risk with The Crew 2 by adding so much and taking proceedings less seriously, but while The Crew 2 is a good arcade racer it still doesn’t quite rank among the best.”

Since launch the game has had many updates and content drops, the most recent being Blazing Shots which added new vehicles legendary Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, new vanity items, and themed weeks with dedicated LIVE Summits, rewards and events.

Source: Press release

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