Vanquish and Bayonetta remasters listed on the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft has seemingly leaked a remaster of the underrated last gen shooter Vanquish alongside another remaster, the sexy witch ’em up, Bayonetta. Both games will also be available as a bundle and will run in 4K and 60fps on Xbox One.


There doesn’t seem to be any mention of exclusivity so we would expect both games to also appear on PlayStation 4, and given Platinum’s current love in with Nintendo, a Switch port of Vanquish as well.

Vanquish was remastered for PC in 2017 so it’s probably this version of the game that has been used for the new console versions. “Vanquish does have its problems, but very few of them are tied to the PC port, which incidentally makes this version the best one by default,” we said in our 8/10 review. “It’s B-movie nonsense at its best, with a science fiction setting, and very cool action sequences. It could definitely do with a bit more variety in enemies at times and it’s a little on the short side, but it’s still a great romp seven years later.”

A remaster of Bayonetta will be welcomed by PlayStation gamers as the original version on PlayStation 3 was rather inferior when compared to the Xbox 360 version. We said it was an “appalling PS3 port with horrific load times,” when it launched.

The game has two sequels, the third game was announced in 2017 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive and was meant to be out this year. However, in March Nintendo shifted the date from 2019 to “TBA” and we since the reveal at The Game Awards we have not heard a thing about the game.

Bayonetta 2 was also exclusive to Nintendo, the Wii-U this time, but was ported to Switch along with the first game last year. “While these might boil down to being relatively straightforward ports from Wii U to Switch, that doesn’t make them any less essential for fans of the action game genre,” we noted.

UPDATE: As pointed out by Fingerguns, the Vanquish and Bayonetta Remaster double pack was leaked all the way back in 2017!

Source: Microsoft

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