Superliminal confirmed for PS4 and it heads to the console in April

During the State of Play broadcast, one of the games confirmed for PS4 was the first person puzzler Superliminal by developer Pillow Castle. A trailer was shown to give a taste of the game that has been recently made available on PC via the Epic Games Store. The gameplay is focused on forced perspective with items resizing depending on the way you view them, and it is this power that is required to solve the puzzles you encounter.


The main character is in a dream therapy program to make them get better but things go a bit wrong as the character ventures past the limits of the program. As you can see from the trailer above you can resize exit signs, dice, fix things together, break things apart using giant stairs, and a whole load of other things as you try to escape this dreamland nightmare.

Superliminal is expected to release in April 2020.

Source: State of Play

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