Green Day will be at The Game Awards with a “video game announcement”

Thirty-four year old rock band Green Day will be at The Video Game Adverts Awards early this Friday morning but they won’t be pumping out some punky rock, they are there to make a “video game announcement.”

During a live stream to promote the event our lord, saviour, and leader of the free world of gaming, Geoff Keighley, was asked if there were any other music acts appearing in the show alongside  CHVRCHES, who are there as Geoff is best buds with Kojima and they are in his game to promote their single from Death Stranding. Geoff said that yes there was another musical act, Green Day, but they have a “really awesome video game announcement they’ll be making.”


There is no indication as to what the announcement could be. The band have had a video game dedicated to them in the past, Green Day: Rock Band came out in 2010 and was fairly well received but it did come hot on the heels of The Beetles: Rock Band which was far superior. However the game flopped with just 82,000 sales in the first month and it quickly ended up in the bargain bin.

Green Day are set to release a new album, the provocatively tilted Father of All Motherf*ckers, in February 2020, so perhaps the video game announcement ties in with the album. According to  lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong, the album is about “the life and death of the party” and the “lifestyle of not giving a f*ck.”

The Game Awards begins at 1.30am GMT this Friday and I for one will be staying up to watch lots of awards given off camera earlier in the evening. I jest, I will be in bed but if you do stay up then you can expect to see a number of game reveals. Rumours are there will be something Crash Bandicoot related but expect the unexpected, perhaps even some PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett games.

According to Kerrang! ‘She’ is the best Green Day song evs. That may be true, but it’s certainly not their best attempt at dying their hair blonde, dear lord what a mess.

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