Death Stranding 1.07 update now live with new game improvements

If you have plans to kick back and continue your Death Stranding odyssey this weekend, you’ll need to download and install the game latest PS4 software update.

Weighing in at just over one gig, it’s not a patch though Death Stranding version 1.07 does add some new features fans have been asking for since its release last month.


A lack of accessibility options, especially in regards to text size, has been one of the issues many players have flagged while playing Death Stranding. After installing 1.07 you can now adjust the text size by diving into the options menu via the title screen.

After it was reported that a number of miscreant MULEs had been indirectly griefing other Death Stranding players, the team at Kojima Productions promised a fix for this too. All usable vehicles within the game’s open world can now be disposed, removing the ability to obstruct paths and entrances with your abandoned rides.

Another useful feature is the updated Odradek. This mechanical appendage allows you to survey nearby terrain but becomes particularly handy when entering BT-infested areas of the game world. The Odradek will appear, reacting to BTs in a way that helps the player locate them. Before 1.07, it could often be obscured from sight due to players carrying large loads. The new update lets you see the Odradek through back mounted cargo.

The patch notes stress that save data created in version 1.07 cannot then be used with earlier versions of Death Stranding.

At last night’s Game Awards, Death Stranding was one of the favourites to clean up. Nominated in several categories, it ultimately lost out to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice as the show’s official Game of the Year 2019. It picked up awards for Game Direction, however, as well as Score and Music with Mads Mikkelsen (that one off Hannibal) grabbing best performance as Death Stranding’s “Cliff”.

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