For Honor Year 4 announced, new content coming in 2020

Ubisoft has revealed its plans to extend support for its flagship fighting game throughout 2020, For Honor fans will delighted to hear.

With the game’s third anniversary looming, Ubisoft has announced Year 4, also dubbed “The Year of Reckoning”. For those unfamiliar with Ubisoft’s current crop of live games, the publisher has continued to enrich many of its latest popular titles through constant updates and new (mostly free!) content drops. You needn’t look further than the excellent support Rainbow Six Siege continues to enjoy year after year.


For Honor Year 4 will be adding new content to the game with each season. Here’s Ubisoft’s own introduction:

The Year of Reckoning is a turning point in For Honor’s history. The great war that has been raging over the past years takes an unexpected turn. The earth has quietened down, but new leaders arise and warriors across all factions need to decide what they are really fighting for.

Exactly what that will entail remains to be seen though we have our theories.

It’s been confirmed that two new playable heroes will be touching down in 2020, the first arriving during the summer followed by another at the end of the year. Throughout 2019, the team at Ubisoft Montreal had introduced four warriors – one for each of the in-game factions. Currently, the Wu Lin faction has two fewer heroes as the others so maybe 2020 will see their numbers brought up to seven?

Then again, Ubisoft could go down a different route. Year 4 sounds as though it will certainly have more of a story focus, meaning we could see mercenary fighters enter the fray or maybe even faction alliances?

To cap it off, For Honor’s Battle Pass has also been revealed. For those new to the battle pass concept, think of it as a separate XP bar that gives out rewards but is only active for one season before a new pass is introduced. There will be 100 tiers with free and premium options, as standard.

Ubisoft promises to reveal more details in the new year.

Source: Ubisoft

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