Warriors Orochi 4: Ultimate trailer shows some of the 170 characters swinging their weapons

Koei Tecmo has sent out a new trailer for Warriors Orochi 4: Ultimate which shows the likes of Hades, Achilles, Joan of Arc, Gaia, and Yang Jian swinging weapons and using magic to fight off hordes of enemies. The trailer also shows the magic and the challenge mode where players will compete with each other on the global leaderboards.

Warriors Orochi 4: Ultimate adds new characters including Gaia, a new storyline and sub-scenarios, an Infinity Mode and promotion system so characters can grow in rank, sacred treasures can be switched between characters with the Musou Switch combo system helping to make more powerful teams, and the user interface as well as control systems have been improved.


Those who own Warriors Orochi 4 will be able to upgrade to the Ultimate edition digitally via the Ultimate Upgrade pack when it launches.

In our original Warriors Orochi 4 review Miguel wrote:

Despite rocky presentation and a ho-hum story, Warriors Orochi 4 has been some of the dumbest fun I’ve had with a video game all year. There’s always been something magical about sending dozens of foes flying with giant swords and massive spears, but to up the ante with cross-character combos and absurd magic attacks makes the whole thing even more fun. While the lacklustre story mode didn’t provide a strong hook for me to keep playing, I was driven by the swath of new characters I’d unlock with each mission and the new tools and tricks I had at my disposal when I went into the next battle with these additional soldiers. Warriors Orochi 4 doesn’t get everything right, but I’d argue it gets the most important thing spot on.

You can read the full review of Warriors Orochi 4here. Warriors Orochi 4: Ultimate will be available on February 14th, 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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