Apex Legends does esports – Apex Legends Global Series announced, starting 25th January

After a blisteringly popular launch, Apex Legends has matured across three seasons of content in 2019, but as with so many battle royales and competitive multiplayer games at the moment, Respawn Entertainment have a fresh target in their sights: esports.

That’s right, after the invitational events held earlier this year, they’re kicking off the Apex Legends Global Series on 25th January 2020, with players on PC competing for a prize pool of over $3 million.


The Global Series will start off with 12 live events, run by either EA and Respawn or esports tournament organisers PGL and GLL. These will be held online to start with, before progressing through to live matches at regional Challenger Events and global Premier Events. That earns you Global Series Points, which go toward competing at four Apex Legends Global Series Majors – the first three of these will feature 100 three-player squads, while the fourth, the Apex Legends Global Series Championship, is the grand final, with the top 60 teams invited to fight for $1 million in prizes.

Obviously, there can only be one winner in a battle royale, but Respawn debuted a Match Point system during the Preseason Invitational held in September. It requires teams to reach a certain points threshold as they play, with both match placement and the number of kills counting toward this. Simply sneaking through to the final five won’t be enough, and it puts the overall performance into persepective.

Players from 60 countries and over the age of 13 will be elligible able to compete, and your PC will have to meet the minimum specs for the game. Registrations are now open, with further details to be found here.

Apex Legends has been one of our favourite multiplayer games of the year, innovating in the battle royale genre with some great new ideas and features. At the time of its launch, I said that Respawn “came up with something that not only feels polished, but takes the genre and refines some of its more awkward aspects while retaining an identity of its own.”

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