The smaller scaled battle royale Darwin Project heads to full release in January

Scavengers Studio has revealed that its smaller scale battle royale title Darwin Project will be heading to full release in January and that it will be available on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4. This is the first time that there has been confirmation of a PS4 release. The game originally started life as an early access title on PC and Xbox One where those interested had to pay to try it out. After a lack of uptake the studio changed tactics and switched to a free to play model due to a lack of players on the servers.


In Darwin Project, 10 players go head to head in an arena while an eleventh player controls the environment itself. At any time some events could take place, chosen by the eleventh player, such as nuke going off in the middle of the match. It adds a new element of unpredictability to the battle royale genre. As Scavenger Studios heads to a full release there have been some updates. These include:

New Class System
In the world of Darwin Project, Arena Sponsors flock to the deadly sporting event eager to showcase their new product. Inmates now have the ability to choose from a selection of highly advanced proprietary technology modified for the Arena, known as Gear, to benefit their play style and dominate the competition. At launch, players can choose from among three pieces of Gear to determine their class specializations:
Jet Wings – The power of flight lets players out-maneuver their foes and deal death from above
Grapple Gauntlet – A mechanized hand that allows players to rapidly close the gap with their opponents
Headhunter Drone – A robotic companion to track targets and do the player’s bidding
Updated Shop
New cosmetics
All items can now be purchased from the dressing room
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