Phil Spencer has shared an Xbox Series X chip in the buff

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has changed his profile picture on Twitter, and while that wouldn’t normally be newsworthy, he’s changed it to an Xbox Series X Project Scarlett chip in the nude. That is to say it’s the Xbox chip that’s in the buff, not Phil.


Clicking on the thumbnail and we can take a peak at a naked Scarlett outside of the console, without a heatsink, PCB or anything. Marked on the surface are an Xbox logo, the Project Scarlett codename, and an 8K mark.

The timing of this was rather interesting, as Phil made the change in the run up to Sony’s CES 2020 press conference, during which they talked about prototype electric cars and shared with us the shocking, groundbreaking new logo for the PS5.

Of course, this doesn’t really tell us anything about the chipset’s power. Xbox Series X was formally unveiled at The Game Awards in early December, with a still fully clothed Phil Spencer taking to the stage to show us the console’s final form and share its confusing name with us.

Instead we have to look at the various snippets and details that Microsoft have shared. That chip features AMD’s Zen 2 CPU architecture and RDNA GPU architecture with hardware accelerated ray tracing, theoretically capable of outputting up to 8K resolutions (though 4K is more realistic). Microsoft are also introducing a patented Variable Rate Shading technology to help extract more performance, and combining this with their next-gen SSD to “virtually eliminate load times.” Further to this, Auto Low Latency Mode and Dynamic Latency Input will ensure that games are more responsive than ever.

However, there’s also various leaks and spec rumours that we can put together, and there’s currently speculation that the Xbox Series X could be quite a bit more powerful than the PS5, to the tune of being 1.3x as powerful. Regardless of the difference to their arch rivals, it’s the above chip that’s able to churn out the gorgeous graphics as seen in the Hellblade II reveal trailer:

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