Gran Turismo Sport update 1.54 is out now, patch notes here

A new update has been pushed out by Polyphony Digital for Gran Turismo Sport, and that is update 1.54. This update’s primary focus was to stop people getting around tyre requirement restrictions. This could be done by placing different tyres on the cars which would throw Gran Turismo Sport off as the game didn’t pick up on this loophole. That is no more so now you will have to abide by the rules to get into certain events.

In addition, the patch also fixes more crash issues, improves performance and the ever-important stability of the game, and there are some other fixes that were too minor to give details about. The full patch notes are below.

Sports Mode & Lobby

  • Fixed an issue wherein by equipping different tyres on the front and rear axles it was possible to circumvent the ‘Tyre Requirement’ restrictions.
  • GT Sport 1.54 addressed crashing issues.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Other minor under the hood fixes.

In our Gran Turismo Sport review Stefan wrote:

Gran Turismo Sport is a near essential purchase for PlayStation 4 racing fans. There might be a few disappointments in some of the limitations and regressions, but the brilliance of the game is in the small details that combine to enable willing players to become better drivers and racers and the implementation of multiplayer. Underneath it all, this is still a very familiar feeling Gran Turismo racing game, but it’s also one that’s set to grow and evolve over time and looks set to herald a new era of competitive online racing.

You can read the full review here.

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