10 things the Super Nintendo World music video tells us about the theme park

With the Super Nintendo World theme park set to open at Universal Studios Japan this summer, what better way to hype your upcoming video game theme park than with a music video?

Galantis and CharliXCX have teamed up with the mustachioed one for We Are Born To Play, and it gives us a glimpse of just what kinds of rides, attractions and things you’ll be able to do at Super Nintendo World. Watch the video here, and then keep scrolling for 10 things it tells us about the upcoming theme park.


1) How to get to Super Nintendo World Japan

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world (or even if you’re still on this planet), so long as you’re playing games on your Nintendo Switch, a huge green Warp Pipe can appear at literally any time and lightspeed water slide you to the theme park. We recommend jumping from a first story balcony, if possible.

2) Super Nintendo World might as well be Super Mario World

Sure, it might have “Nintendo” in the name, but don’t expect to see Samus, Ness or Star Fox during your stay. This is literally all about Mario’s platforming adventure, and only Mario’s. Not even Luigi gets a look in. As we’d expect.

3) If you wear his hat, Goombas think you’re Mario

I’m sure there will be plenty of cosplayers making their way to Super Nintendo World when it opens this summer, but don’t worry if you’re not dressed up already dressed up as a portly Italian ex-plumber, because Mario caps will simply appear on your noggin.

But beware, as soon as this happens, the entire park turns into a gruelling survival gauntlet. All the Goombas and Koopas that were happily going around minding their own business will suddenly jump to attention, spot those Mario hats, assume that you are now Mario and go in for the kill.

4) There’s free money everywhere

Just as in the video games, there’s plenty of gold coins for you to collect in Super Nintendo World. You might find a coin by punching a block, or if you find a P Switch, every single block in the entirety of the park will turn into a floating coin, ready for happy visitors to grab.

You have to wonder what Nintendo and Universal Studios’ plan is here, because this will seriously undercut their profit margins.

5) Survive the Thwomp gauntlet

Expect to sign a safety disclaimer before you get into the park, because some of this frankly looks quite dangerous. A huge crowd of visitors is shown running through a long tunnel as Thwomps come crashing down just a few feet behind them.

Alright if you’re in good health and fitness, but there’s children in the sprinting hordes, and I doubt your gran’s going to be able to keep up. Hope she’s got some 1-Up mushrooms handy.

6) Stars make you dance now?

Everyone knows that grabbing a Star in Mario games makes you invulnerable for a short period of time. That might be still be the case in Super Nintendo World, but they also seem to force you into a synchronised dance number while other visitors fling fireballs at you.

7) Mario Kart is Mario Kart

No chance of Nintendo leaving Mario’s motorsports background on the sidelines here. There’s Mario Karts with four people per kart, haring after Bowser pulling every dirty trick that he knows. Animal lovers can rest easy; no Koopas have been harmed in the making of this video.

8) Ride a Yoshi

Tired from walking between all the different attractions? Why not hop on the back of a Yoshi dinosaur and flutter jump your way around? It’s not just the regular green Yoshi here, but all his colourful chums from the various Yoshi games are there as well.

9) Touch the pole

It’s only recently that we’ve seen proper multiplayer come into the Super Mario platforming games, with New Super Mario Bros. Wii and U both having it locally, while Super Mario Maker 2 added in full on competitive online for up to four players. Imagine that, but everyone in the entire theme park racing to reach the finish line first.

10) Oh, it’s actually just a wristband and smartphone app

Well that’s a shame. Turns out this entire trailer was all just the fever dream of some music video director and a hardworking team of 3D artists and animators. Seems like all the coin collecting, Thwomp crushing, fireball flinging and Bullet Bill dodging was just a load of CGI in the end. Although, maybe that’s what they want us to think…

It looks like you’ll be wearing a step tracker and loading up a smartphone app to track your progress around the attractions. I bet the Mario Kart is just a rollercoaster or some kind of dodgems, instead of actual karting.

What a disappointment from the country that gave us Battle Royale, eh?

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