Genshin Impact has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Back in August, the open world action RPG Genshin Impact was announced for PS4. At the time there was some outcry amongst a subset of gaming fans who claimed that Genshin Impact was a clone of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Now, players will really be able to compare the two games to and determine if that is the case as developer MiHoYo Technology has confirmed Genshin Impact will be available on Nintendo’s console.


In Genshin Impact players will be exploring the land of Teyvat and will take on the role of The Traveler. Players will begin their journey on the shores of Teyvat with one of the main concerns being the fact your character’s sibling is missing. Within Teyvat there are seven city states to explore, over 30 allies to recruit to your crew though you can only have parties of four in battle, and there is a multiplayer option where players can team up to tackle more difficult areas. In addition, The Traveller has access to skills which can give access to seven elemental power types including hydro, pyro, and electro.

Aside from PS4 and Switch Genshin Impact has also been confirmed for PC and mobile devices, though release dates are yet to be confirmed.

Source: Press Release

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