The Division 2 gear update detailed, new Raid coming this summer

The latest community broadcast for The Division 2 gave us a closer look at some of the game’s upcoming changes, Massive having also confirmed a launch window for the next co-op raid.


For a while now, the team has been taking on board community feedback regarding the loot shooters gear system. Since it launched last year, The Division 2 has felt a little bogged down thanks to the way weapons and armour are doled out as well as how players customise them using mods.

Massive is looking to streamline the process of pimping your Agent’s loadout without losing that sense of reward you get from scoring high end gear:

The so called “budget system” will be a thing of the past and “god rolls” are coming to The Division 2. Combined with the upcoming UI changes we first showcased back in December, gear drops will now be more intuitive, and you will be able to tell at a glance if your new gear item is an upgrade to your existing kit.

These changes will be rolled out in a future update after the release of Episode 3, the game’s next major free expansion.

The developers also listed a number of known high priority issues they’ll be looking to tackle. These include:

  • Invisible Walls – This is our highest priority right now and we’re making progress on the fixes. Unfortunately, it will take some more testing to ensure the improvements will be impactful and cause no side-effects and we likely need to postpone patching this until Episode 3, in February.
  • Stuck NPCS – We have now identified what can cause this to happen and are working on a fix. We don’t know yet if it will be ready for Episode 3 but we’ll keep you up to date as we progress.
  • Becoming stuck in the UI and being unable to respawn when downed in the DZ. We have found another issue causing this and have a fix slated to go live with Episode 3.

Finally, we have a rough launch window for the game’s second raid which is due sometime this summer. Hopefully we’ll hear more once Episode 3 has released, with an announcement of The Division 2 Year 2 potentially due next month.

Source: Ubisoft

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