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Kingdom Hearts Project Xehanort revealed as a mysterious mobile title

Square Enix has announced a new Kingdom Hearts mobile title which is currently going by the name of Project Xehanort. You may be wondering what this game will be about and, to be honest, so is everyone else. It’s a very mysterious reveal with the only clues being that it will centre around the character Xehanort and delve into the mystery of why he specifically became the seeker of darkness. That’s all.

Project Xehanort is not even the final name of the game either. Currently, Square Enix is running a ‘Guess The Name’ competition where people have to tweet to the Project Xehanort Twitter account with their guesses. Only one guess per account is allowed. The prize is something big but much like the contents of Project Xehanort Square Enix hasn’t divulged that information either. The competition is running until January 28th.

Given how varied mobile titles are this could be a turn based RPG, a casual clicker, a puzzler, or any other genre. We don’t know at what point in Kingdom Hearts’ lore Project Xehanort will fit either. We’d guess that the full reveal will happen a couple of days after January 28th when all of the details are finally confirmed.

Project Xehanort will be available through Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Apple’s App Store on mobiles in the Spring.

Source: Square Enix

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