Power Up gaming event being hosted by Science Museum in April

The Science Museum in London is once again hosting the Power Up gaming event, and it will be taking place from April 4th until April 19th. The event will celebrate over 40 years of gaming with consoles and games being on show and playable by attendees. Games will include Mario titles, Pong, Pacman, and Minecraft. Attendees will be able to play single-player and multi-player games as well as get hands-on with virtual reality experiences.


Tickets for the event will cost £8 and go on sale on February 1st.  Speaking to MCV Alistair Otto, associate commercial director at the Science Museum Group, said:

“Video games have captivated audiences since the humble Pong launched in 1972 and have continued to evolve as platforms for storytelling, while remaining at the frontier of advancing technologies. At Power Up visitors can travel in time from the earliest consoles to the latest in VR, experiencing the thrill of gaming through the ages while discovering the technology and future possibilities of this truly exciting field.”

Throughout the event there will be different sessions including Power Up Evening Session with Foxdog Studios on April 8th which will combine gaming and comedy. From the 11th to 18th April there will be Power Up Relaxed Morning sessions for those who prefer or require quiet areas. There will be additional evening sessions on the 14th and 15th of April.

Source: MCV/Science Museum

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