Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is the official name of Project Xehanort

Last week Square Enix announced a brand new Kingdom Hearts game, albeit a mobile one, and gave the working title Project Xehanort. At the time all we knew was that Project Xehanort was not the final name, and that it would focus on the character of the same name. The game will explore his journey down the path of darkness. That journey has informed the official name of the game which has been revealed as Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.


That’s all we know. Those who entered the competition to guess the name and guessed right have been contacted with their prize details. Square Enix has stated there will be more news about Kingdom Hearts Dark Road in mid-February. Then we’ll find out what the gameplay will be, the genre it’ll fit into, and exactly what players will be expected to do in this Kingdom Hearts mobile title.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be available through Google Play, Amazon App Store, and Apple’s App Store on mobiles in the Spring.

Source: Twitter 

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