February’s PlayStation Now update includes The Evil Within and a new free trial

Sony has updated the line up for its streaming service PlayStation Now by adding three new games. Those games are the original The Evil Within, Cities Skylines, and LEGO Worlds. However, where things are added others are removed, or they will be soon anyway. PUBG, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, and Formula 1 2019, will be removed from the service on March 2nd, while Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will leave on April 7th.

Here’s what we thought of the game’s that are being added to the service starting with The Evil Within review from Tuffcub:


Despite borrowing a lot of well-worn themes from other games and movies (Hello, creepy shop mannequins from Silent Hill), The Evil Within feels fresh and exciting. It’s easy to recommend to fans of the original Dead Space and the earlier Resident Evil games.

In our LEGO Worlds review Dom wrote:

This is a platform that Traveller’s Tales are looking to build on, and indeed have since its original launch on PC, and with continuing growth there’s the potential here for something essential for Lego enthusiasts. As it stands though, for all of the merit and freedom that Lego Worlds affords, it’s still bound by many of the same problems as its predecessors.

Finally, for  the Cities: Skylines review Stefan had the following to say:

Cities: Skylines might be Colossal Order’s first attempt at a city builder, but it already feels well rounded and complete. There are a few areas that need improving and others that are crying out to be expanded upon, but those will come in due course, and what’s already there lets you build vast cities to your heart’s content.

If you’ve already tried out a trial for PlayStation Now well there’s some good news. You’re eligible to have another go for a week as Sony reset the trial period on January 16th. Obviously, subscribers can’t access the free week.

Source: PS Blog

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