Xbox Game Pass will soon have Final Fantasy XV & Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Microsoft has confirmed the next set of games heading to Xbox Game Pass both on PC and console. Leading the line up is Square Enix’s epic Final Fantasy XV, which will go live on both services on February 6th. Alongside Final Fantasy XV comes Wolfenstein: Youngblood which joins at the same time. The third game differs depending on if you’re using Game Pass on console or PC. Console subscribers will get Death Squared while PC subscriber’s get Death’s Gambit.

While these games are being added the following are being taken out of the content list.

  • Disney Epic Mickey 2
  • Jackbox Party Pack 2
  • Pumped BMX Pro
  • Rage
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider

In our review for Final Fantasy XV Dom wrote:

Final Fantasy XV is a unique offering, both for the franchise and RPGs in general. Placing the onus on the relationships of your party, rather than the narrative, has meant that this is a game that strikes not just an emotional chord, but a personal one. While Final Fantasy stalwarts will likely balk at the action-heavy combat, the spirit of the franchise remains, and is better served here than it has been in many years.

You can read the full review here. In our Wolfenstein Youngblood review Nick wrote:

Youngblood feels like Wolfenstein got drunk and ended up at the wrong party. It’s still able to pull off some of the same old tricks, but it feels wildly out of place alongside RPG-style levelling from Destiny or The Division. The next entry needs to go back to the previous formula, let me shoot my way through hordes of Nazi’s and spin a good yarn.  Go home Wolfenstein, you’re drunk.
You can read the full Wolfenstein Youngblood review here.
Source: Microsoft
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