Furi devs reveal the opening trailer for Haven, a game about love, relationships and freedom

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Game Bakers have revealed the opening trailer for Haven, their upcoming game about love and freedom. Created by Yukio Takatsu with Yapiko Animation and with original music from Danger, I think it’s pretty rad.


Haven is the second game from The Game Bakers, who previously pulled a batch of Furi out the oven way back in 2016, a twin-stick bullet hell boss rush mash-up. Needless to say, Haven is a very, very different kind of game.

This is an RPG for one thing, following two lovers Yu and Kay, as they try to survive on the grasslands of a shattered planet, unravel its mysteries and make a home for themselves. It’s not a game about finding and falling in love, but rather one about an established relationship that’s continuing to grow, but can still be imperilled on their adventure.

“Opening movies really set the mood before you start the game. The first time you launch the game, you get a peak at the tone, the values, the characters.” says Emeric Thoa, Creative Director. “Watching them years later, they revive the memory of the whole adventure. Hopefully, we can create that long lasting connection for Haven, with a memorable opening that captures the game magic.”

You play as both Yu and Kay at the same time, exploring together, fighting in real time, and conversing with one another. Alternatively, you can play with another person with drop in, drop out co-op. You can see it in action from their gameplay reveal last July:

One thing that isn’t different to Furi are the musical collaborations. Furi won our Best Soundtrack award in 2016, pulling together several different artists. Danger featured on that soundtrack and features here once more. Alongside the music found in previous trailers for. the game, I can’t wait to hear more.

Haven will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One (via XboxGame Pass) in 2020.

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