Cloudpunk puts you in the shoes of a delivery driver in a cyberpunk city

Ion Lands and Merge Games have confirmed that Cloudpunk will be heading to PC and consoles later this year. In Cloudpunk, players take on the role of Rania who is starting her first shift with the grey market delivery company Cloudpunk. Rania’s job is simple in that she has to deliver packages among the sprawling skyscrapers of Nivalis, from the heights where the rich live to the base where the poorer of society exist. However, the deliveries are only part of the job.


Rania will meet a lot of different characters in her journey each with their own story. Rania will have to make choices that will impact her and these characters’ lives. These characters will include entities from all walks of life and include androids and AI alongside humans. The narrative has been inspired by games such as Kentucky Route Zero, Firewatch, and Disco Elysium. The city of Nivalis has been designed after places such as Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong.

The key features are listed below.

  • Explore an immense vertical cyberpunk city with your hovercar and on foot
  • Unravel mysteries in a world of corporate conspiracy, hackers and rogue AI through the eyes of Rania
  • Meet a diverse range of characters and immerse yourself in their everyday lives
  • Your decisions will have a lasting impact on the inhabitants of Nivalis
  • Discover hidden places and items unlocking additional stories

Cloudpunk will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Source: Press Release

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