Nioh 2 Last Chance Trial demo will be available at the end of February

There is going to be another Nioh 2 trial demo for all PS4 players to try out in a couple of weeks. This trial will include three missions for players to test their skills in, and will also give players to delve right into the customisation options. In battles, players will have the ability to summon Yokai to act as allies, and also be able to get their hands on the new Switchglaive weapon. The trial will be available during the following dates:

Trial Start: Friday, 28th February at 12:00am PT (Midnight)
Trial End: Sunday, 1st March at 11:59pm PT


Jason wrote about his hands-on experience with Nioh 2 and said:

All in all, Nioh 2 feels like a well-refined Nioh, which is all anyone can ever really ask for in a sequel. It’s definitely gotten a bit deeper, and that’ll keep those who are looking for a variety of gameplay options very happy indeed. Whether or not the whole game shakes out as well remains to be seen, but hey, we’ve only got to wait until March 13th to find out.

Of course, after Nioh 2 Team Ninja will move on to its next project though we don’t know what that will be. However, director Fumihiko Yasuda hinted at a new Ninja Gaiden title. He said:

“The core members of the team that worked on Ninja Gaiden want to make a new game. We are aware that some fans wanted Ninja Gaiden more than Nioh 2. Now we see a lot of ninja games like [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice] as well, and we see a lot of good inspirations in those games, so we hope to deliver some good news one day.”

So, could we see Ninja Gaiden make its return on PS5 and Xbox Series X? Well, it is not out of the realm of possibility.
Source: PS Blog
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