Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge unveils Oryx, Iana, and Oregon rework

With the Six Invitational well under way, Ubisoft has officially unveiled its first season of new Rainbow Six Siege content for Year 5.

Dubbed Operation: Void Edge, Y5S1 introduces two very dynamic Operators with one of Siege’s stock maps, Oregon, having been reworked for 2020.

Year 5 Season 1 will be deploying some time in March. Ubisoft has confirmed that Void Edge will be going live on Siege’s Test Server tomorrow, on February 17th.

As previously mentioned the two new Operators are a pretty fascinating pair, both with unique abilities that should see exciting changes in Siege meta.

First up we have Oryx, Rainbow Six’s answer to the Juggernaut. Real name Saif Al Hadid, he’s the first Jordanian Operator to join the team and unlike his cohorts, he doesn’t roll into battle with any fancy gadgets. Instead, this Middle Eastern powerhouse uses his raw strength to charge in small bursts. Called the “Remah Dash” it can knock enemies flat on their ass but, more importantly, will break through regular walls. Expect plenty of Kool-Aid memes to come pouring in.

What may surprise you is that Oryx is a defender and he has another party trick up his sleeve. This beefy roamer can use those super thicc thighs of his to climb through hatches – something we’re very keen to see Siege pros play around with.

Iana is just as fun to play as. Where Oryx is deliberately grounded and tech-free, this space-faring Dutch Operator is in many ways quite the opposite. She’s an aerospace engineer turned counter terrorist specialist, relying on cutting edge space tech to get the drop on her enemies.

Iana’s Gemini Replicator is a mutated version of the Alibi’s Prisma gadget. It creates a single hologram though this one can move around the map to draw out defenders. It won’t be able to deal damage and certain movement actions are prohibited though, if used effectively, it can gather intel and force players to give away their location.

Y5S1 also includes yet another map rework. This time it’s Oregon and as with previous maps such as Cafe, Canal, and Theme Park, it has been redesigned for improved competitive viability. That means more access points, more breakable walls, and more open space. Specifically, areas of the basement, attic, and office tower have all been expanded.

This season will also make improvements to Siege’s destructible environments. Previously, the debris left behind could cause issues in potentially giving one team a better angle on their opponents. This fix will make the line of sight more consistent.

Ubisoft has more Year 5 news for fans coming tomorrow during a separate Six Invitational panel. Right now we don’t have any details though it’s likely the developer will lay out its roadmap for the next twelve months with one or two surprises hopefully nestled in there, too.

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