Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge Iana Gameplay Preview

Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 is coming very soon. Today Ubisoft revealed the first details of Y5S1 during a panel at the Six Invitational 2020.

Operation Void Edge has no confirmed release date though is expected to drop sometime in March. Those wanting some early hands on time will be able to do so from tomorrow when this content hits the Siege Test Server.

Y5S1 will add two new playable Operators to the Siege roster as well as a rework of the Oregon map. In addition there are improvements to Siege’s debris system, attacker drone spawns, and a more approachable player menu hub.

Ahead of today’s announcement we were fortunate enough to play a preview build of the upcoming Operation and take some notes on its two new exciting Operators.

Iana (Attacker)

Name: Nienke Meijer
Origin: Katwijc, Netherlands
Gadget: Gemini Replicator
Stats: Speed 2 / Armour 2
Primary Weapon: ARX200 Assault Rifle / G36-C Assault Rifle
Secondary Weapon: MK1 9mm Handgun
Equipment: Frag Grenade / Smoke Grenade

Gemini Replicator

Iana’s playstyle revolves around deception and trying to draw out defenders with her Gemini Replicator. This allows her to create a decoy which can then scout the map and gather intel though won’t be able to fire at enemies or use gadgets. The replica will look exactly like her, copying any equipped headgear, uniform, or weapon skins.

However, her decoy will automatically expire after several seconds and won’t be able to climb ladders or rappel. It can also be shot down with a single shot. While Iana has an infinite number of replicas, the gadget has a cool down – if the Gemini is destroyed by an enemy this cool down time will be longer.

Although similar to Alibi’s Prisma holograms, firing at these decoy won’t ping the shooter’s location on the HUD. Nor can the decoy itself drop pings.

She can be used to put pressure on defenders and force them into giving away their position or potentially waste their limited supply of gadgets and equipment.


While potent, there are plenty of ways to counter Iana. Mute’s Signal Jammer will fry any replicas that step too close with electrified surfaces also able to destroy the fake Iana, making Operators such as Bandit and Kaid soft counters. Maestro is another strong choice against her using his Evil Eye which can also detect a heat signature, allowing him to spot if it’s a decoy. It’s also worth pointing out that Vigil can’t be detected by the Gemini Replicator when his cloaking device is equipped.

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