Check out these new Summons for Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix have released a new video that shows off three new Summons that will be included in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Each of the new Summons will be available as a bonus for buying a specific edition of the game.

Cactuar will be instantly recognisable to all fans of the franchise, the spiky, permanently surprised pests have often been antagonists in the series but this time they will be on your side. You can snag yourself a Cactuar by purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition or a physical copy of the game.


Chocobos have also been a familiar sight in Final Fantasy and now you can summon a baby one if you pre-order any version of the game. Probably the least menacing summon ever the little yellow chick still packs a punch.

But wait, I spoke to soon, the final summon is Carbuncle and despite the rough sounding name you get to summon… a cute puppy dog. A yipping, bouncy, floof of a pooch, Shinra must be quaking in their boots.

It looks like your PlayStation 4 hard drive is going to need cleaning out if you buy theg ame as appears the file size for Final Fantasy VII Remake has leaked. Get ready for the game to take up over 100GB and, as previously confirmed, for Final Fantasy VII Remake to span two discs. The information of the file size comes from Twitter user Nitomatta who appears to have their hands on the Japanese sleeve of the game.

Miguel had some time with Final Fantasy VII Remake and wrote:

It’s still hard to believe, but this game really is coming. Whether we get one disc or three, the content is bound to be worthwhile if this brief demo was any indication. The decision to shift form turn-based action to something more real time will remain contentious for devout fans, but it’s inventive and rewarding. Square observed the flaws of their action combat from Final Fantasy XV, and improved on every part of it. 

Recently, the opening movie for Final Fantasy VII Remake was released by Square Enix. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on April 10th after the decision was made to delay the title from its March 3rd release date as a bit more time was needed by the development team.

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