Darwin Project update 1.1.0 brings Battle Pass, weekly challenges

Darwin Project, the small scale battle royale title, has had its first major update today since the game launched fully last month. One of the big additions is the Battle Pass which is called Game Changers. There are 100 tiers to get through with each giving different rewards including exclusive armour skins, haircuts, and fan gifts. If you have not bought the Battle Pass it does not exclude you from earning other rewards which include haircuts. face paints, fan gifts, and ramen. Every player will have access to new weekly challenges which will be the same for all players giving everyone the same amount of experience.  A new class menu has been added too which gives more information of each of the three classes in the game, those being Jet Wings, Grapple Gauntlet, and Headhunter Drone.

Below are additional changes that have affected the gameplay.


Darwin Project update 1.1.0 patch notes


  • Decreased snowball cold damage from 20% to 10% of max cold
  • Decreased Icebolt ability cold damage from 60% to 30% of current cold
  • Decreased Icebolt ability duration from 4-6s to 3-5s

Dev comment: Death by cold turned out to be way more common that we intended so we’re decreasing the player capacity to inflict cold damage. 


  • Decreased arrow craft time from 2s to 1.5s
  • Decreased fire craft time from 2s to 1.5s

Dev comment: Arrow and fire craft time felt too slow compared to the overall pace of the game.


  • Decreased headhunter drone death time from 15s to 10s

Dev comment: The headhunter drone happens to be destroyed often, especially during melee combat. Reducing its downtime will make the class less vulnerable.


  • Replaced turret with teleport on headhunter drone class

Dev comment: The addition of the Teleport ability will help those who choose it make better use of the map’s verticality.


  • Reduced Jetwings Air dash speed by 7.5%

Dev comment: Even with the previous changes, the air dash felt too difficult to counter. Lowering its speed will make it easier to react to.


  • Increased Meteor ability speed by 15%

Dev comment: Increasing Meteor speed allows players to combine it with an axe swing more efficiently.


  • Increased Barrier ability cooldown from 20s to 30s

Dev comment: The effectiveness of the barrier combined with its low cooldown made it a bit too powerful, increasing its cooldown should make it more balanced compared to the other abilities.


  • When killed, inmates now drop a minimum of 5 wood instead of 3

Dev comment: Some combat encounters can last several minutes and 3 wood felt a bit underwhelming as a reward.


  • Decrease forbidden zone exponential cold timer from 60s to 15s
  • Increased forbidden zone exponential cold by 40%

Dev comment: After spending 15s (previously 60) in a forbidden zone, the cold is becoming more intense every second. These changes aim to prevent players from staying in forbidden zones way longer than it was intended to.


  • Added a preview system when placing turret or traps
  • Health Pack, Warm Coffee and Speed Drink can no longer be found when looting deer
  • Bundle of 3 arrows can now be found when looting deer
  • Increased glider drop rate in both deer and loot chest
  • Jetwings “Death from above” gear upgrade now only works if the arrow is fired while hovering instead of falling



  • Added a FOV slider (pc only)
  • Added an option to deactivate the dynamic camera (pc only)
  • Improved multiple controller force feedback
  • Improved destruction and targeting visual effects of Turret ability
  • Optimized arrow and axe visual effects
  • Improved impact visual effects on barrier and lockdown abilities
  • Improved audio and visual effects when attacking AI and Deer
  • Revised lockdown and turret colors to differentiate your own from an enemy’s


  • Fixed Jetwings “Thruster speed” gear upgrade text that was not indicating a correct value
  • Fixed Jetwings “Fuel efficiency” gear upgrade text that was not indicating a correct value
  • Fixed some missing textures from environment assets
  • Added missing collision to the lake at the top of Yonder Canyon
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the rarity of items to not be displayed when opening a fan gift
  • Fixed multiple text that were not translated
  • Fixed an issue that caused Captain Darwin’s fuel bar to turn red when using the drone or the gauntlet
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to duplicate inventory items

Source: Scavengers Studio

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