Two Point Hospital out now on consoles, Superbug and Sandbox modes coming in March update

Today’s launch day for the console ports of Two Point Hospital, the healthcare management sim out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One (with Xbox Game Pass) and Nintendo Switch. To celebrate, Sega have dropped a new launch trailer, as well as revealing that a free content update with the Superbug Initiative and Sandbox mode is planned for 31st March.


Two Point Hospital is already a feature rich port, with the base game having the first two DLC packs, Bigfoot and Pebberley Island, thrown in as part of the console port. The game on console also has many of the free features that were added to the PC version of the game, such as Interior Designer, room copy and paste and character customisation.

Update: The mention of Interior Designer was outdated information. While some features from the Interior Designer update are present in the console versions, namely the ability to apply different wallpaper and carpet via room customisation, things like Steam Workshop support and the ability to import custom designs for decoration are not.

The free content update on 31st March will add two more PC features, the Sandbox Mode, where you’ll be able to build up a hospital without the thematic mission criteria of the main career mode, and the Superbug Initiative, where players collaborate over the internet to complete challenges and unlock in-game rewards.

Two Point Hospital’s port is a comprehensive and well rounded one. We reviewed the game last week, finding intuitive controls, a smart and easy to use UI and great performance on PlayStation 4. The Switch version is similarly easy to play, even though it suffers from a frame rate below 30fps.

I said, “Two Point Hospital’s performance is better on PS4 than Switch, but whichever platform you choose to play on, it’s a fun hospital sim with bags of personality and humour.”

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