Apex Legends Deja Loot limited time mode makes loot spawns permanent

A new Apex Legends limited time event is just around the corner. Starting next week on 3rd March, System Override brings a temporary new Deja Loot mode and twist on the game’s typical form of battle royale.


From the 3rd to the 17th, Deja Loot’s unique twist is that, instead of loot spawning randomly on the map, it will appear in the same place each round. Given that a huge part of the genre is the rush to drop and get better and better loot. Of course, without knowing where the loot is, you’ll be gambling on dropping for busier or quieter parts of the map. Deja Loot’s going to concentrate those early battles in set places.

The game mode will still change over its fortnight run. The Ring location will change on a daily basis, while the first week will take place on World’s Edge and the second on Kings Canyon.

There’s also some new gear to hunt down. The Evo Shield gets more powerful as you inflict damage on other players, potentially becoming stranger than Epic Body Shields. However, it changes colour as players progress and gives them a distinctive glow, so your enemies will be gunning for you.

And, of course, there’s new cosmetics to try and earn. 24 themed time-limited cosmetics, 6 new paired legendary character and weapon skins, and 12 more epic cosmetics are coming to the game, which can be obtained through  the event’s Apex Packs, Crafting Metals and microtransaction Apex Coins. If you unlock all 24 System Override cosmetics, you’ll get the Octane Heirloom set for free.

Apex recently celebrated its first anniversary with the launch of Season 4 and a brilliant bait and switch character introduction for the murderous robot Revenant. Since then they’ve thrown several quick fire events, with a Valentine’s Day duos mode return, the temporary reintroduction of the original iteration of the Kings Canyon map, and now this Deja Loot mode. Here’s hoping they can keep up the pace!

Source: press release

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