Outriders videos shows the Frontier of Enoch and a quick overview in a developer diary

A double whammy of videos for the sci-fi title Outriders has been released by People Can Fly and Square Enix during the PAX East weekend. The first of these videos is a look at the different areas that players will encounter in Outriders. The Frontiers of Enoch does not have any voice overs and just lets you check out the vast world that will be explorable. The video uses in-game engine footage and shows natural areas with strange-looking plants, areas where gravity is broken with things floating about, ruins of a civilisation that has long fallen and disappeared, and a border that divides the factions of Outriders.


The second video is an excerpt from a chat held and also shows some previously unseen concept art as well.

In a post on the PS Blog Square Enix’s Tobias Palm gives even more information about the game’s setting and why some of the choices from the development team has been made. The tagline “Leaving Humanity Behind” is the key theme that permeates throughout Outriders It is not just about leaving Earth behind in the search for a new planet, which is what Enoch is, but also how people change as the situation goes from an ideal to a fight for survival as different camps form and different ideologies develop. These divisions arise due to the Anomaly which takes out most of the advanced technology the humans came with to Enoch, and so have to learn how to survive with basic technology. People Can Fly has composed almost 200 years worth of lore from 2020 to 2209 which sets up how and why the journey to Enoch was undertaken. The other conflict is between an Outrider who wakes up 30 years after the original settlers woke up and learning how to deal with this new society.

Outriders is expected to be released later this year for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Source: PS Blog

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