Xbox Live is OK again [Updated]

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Update 8AM 16/03 – Xbox Live was restored shortly before midnight last night… a little after our bed time!

When we’re all probably looking at an extended period indoors due to Coronavirus Covid-19, it’s likely that a number of people are expecting to spend that extra time playing games on their console of choice. That is, unless Xbox Live goes down as it is right now, preventing Xbox owners from playing plenty of those games they have downloaded. Yep, despite owning them, you can’t access them.

Both the Xbox Live Core Services and Purchase and Content Usage services are down, meaning that you’ve most likely currently got an Xbox branded brick under the TV. You can continue to keep clicking away at but sadly that doesn’t seem to be working right now either.

If you’re sensible enough to still have a few games on those archaic shiny discs in those neat little boxes then you’re good to go, though of course if there are any online components then they’re not going to work, and any update patches won’t be downloading anytime soon either.

It’s a real shame when you could have been planning to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s new Warzone mode, or dive into Bandai Namco’s new MMO Bless Unleashed like I was, but maybe this is a good excuse to finally finish off a single player epic like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Yep, I’ll be off to swing my lightsaber around, and see off those nefarious Imperials.

Remember folks, even if you can’t play Xbox titles at the moment, if you’re heading out instead please don’t forget to look out for each other in these worrying times. Plus, makes sure to wash those hands, keep an eye on your elderly relatives, and if you’re showing any signs of a dry cough, temperature or flu-like symptoms to stop at home. I’m sure Xbox Live will be back along soon enough.

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