Catherine: Full Body Edition coming to Nintendo Switch this July

The sheepish anime puzzler Catherine: Full Body is coming to Nintendo Switch on 7th July this year, the updated and expanded version of the PS3 and Xbox 360 cult classic that was released for PlayStation 4 last summer.


This mature action adventure puzzler follows Vincent, a man coming to the crossroads in his life, fearful of commitment to his long terms girlfriend Catherine and tempted by a new fling with Katherine. Through this all, he finds himself constantly drawn into nightmares where he must climb up shifting block puzzles in order to survive, and haunted by the news stories of men being found to have died in their sleep.

Full Body added to this a new side narrative through new character Rin, who mysteriously bumps into Vincent one night and ends up working at the bar that provides the backdrop to many waking moments in the game. She adds new options through the game’s branching story, with 13 endings available to you.

The Switch release also features the Full Body add-on content, with a Catherine ‘Ideal Voice’ Set, Playable Character Set, Persona 5 Joker Character & Commentary Set, and bonus Horn-Rimmed Glasses.

We loved the updated release, with Miguel handling our Catherine: Full Body review:

“Catherine: Full Body has aged like the finest of wines. For fans of the story, the new characters and plot threads fold in fantastically after an awkward start, and they’re coupled with a wealth of new dialogue and beautifully animated cutscenes. For fans of the gameplay, new remixed levels and difficulty options add brand new challenges for even the most hardcore Catherine enthusiasts, and with support for the game’s niche competitive scene to boot. And if you’ve never played the game before, all of these additions make an already classic video game even more of a must-play experience.”

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