Cute co-op adventure Biped launches on PC – PS4 release next month

If there’s ever been a better time to play together, it’s now, and while you’re at home strapped in to your PCs and PS4s, Next Studios have launched their lovely-looking co-op adventure Biped for you to work together whether you’re at home or physically apart.


Coming from Next Studio, the team behind Unheard and last year’s enjoyable puzzle adventure Iris.Fall, Biped sees you take a team of loveable robots on a physics-based co-op adventure.

Crash-landing on the Earth, the team of robots from Space Pod “Onion”, a galactic service unit, must work together through a series of different landscapes to prevent the Earth from going dark. You control cute robots Aku and Sila, with the game supporting both couch co-op and online multiplayer. If you’re self-isolating the game can be played solo, too.

It’s certainly got a unique control scheme, with each of your robot’s legs being controlled by the two analogue sticks, or the left and right mouse buttons. You’ll need to learn to walk, before you’ll be sliding, chopping wood, or operating machinery.

“Two years ago we experimented with making a climbing game, using full ragdoll physics. That’s how the Biped idea was born,” – says Dong Ding, Producer at NExT Studios. – “It is exciting to see the game finally finished. We can’t wait to hear the feedback from the players!”

Boasting a lovely art style, catchy music and a bunch of different locations around the planet, Biped looks like exactly the kind of fun, indie experience we all need right now, and should keep you, your pals, and your significant other entertained for a good while.

Biped launched on Friday the 27th of March for PC, and is available on Steam, Humble Bundle, Fanatical, and Greenmangaming, with the PS4 release set for a few weeks away in April.

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