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Checking out Get Packed – a Stadia launch exclusive that brings Overcooked style mayhem to moving house

We do love a bit of hilarious multiplayer mayhem, and Get Packed from Moonshine Studios is set to do for moving house what Overcooked did for restauranteurs. As part of Google’s ramping up of supporting indie developers, this Stadia launch exclusive has had the benefit of the tech-giant’s resources and backing through its development.

To go alongside the brand new trailer we were able to talk to artist Callum Taylor and designer and artist Jamie King about how the game, and the deal, came about.


TSA: What’s the core idea behind Get Packed?

Callum & Jamie: Setting out, our aim was to make a frantic multiplayer game for all ages that combined teamwork and slapstick physics-based humour – something accessible to everyone, and that would make players laugh.

Anyone who’s ever moved house will know what a stressful and exhausting process it can be. Countless hazards, endless potential for mishaps… not to mention having to protect valuable and delicate belongings in transit. In other words, a fantastic source for comedy. Get Packed takes that experience and combines it with over-the-top cartoony destruction and ridiculous physics.

Multiplayer was also an extremely important component to us – particularly online. The party and couch co-op genre has a fantastic community which has been crying out for more online-supported titles, so we built Get Packed with online multiplier in mind from the very beginning. It’s no secret that physics-based gameplay and online functionality can be a tricky combination, but with Coatsink’s experience (specifically in building the online solution for Gang Beasts) and Google’s platform support, it’s all been made possible.

TSA: How important do you think couch co-op still is in this online world?

Callum & Jamie: Over the past few years, there’s been a massive resurgence in couch co-op. Long gone are the days of gaming being seen as a solitary activity. Now it’s just another way for family and friends to spend time with each other.

Local only co-op games – such as [the original] Overcooked and Crawl – perform extremely well so there’s clearly an audience. When we started development on Get Packed, one of our core pillars was to create a game which encourages these types of engaging social experiences, whether online or together in the same room.

TSA: What does it mean to be amongst the first Stadia launch exclusives?

Callum & Jamie: Being a launch exclusive for Stadia is a tremendous privilege and we received a fantastic amount of support during development. Get Packed is Moonshine Studios’ first title release and, thanks to the opportunities provide by Google Stadia, it’s gonna reach a far wider audience than we ever dreamed of at the start.

That’s to say nothing of how exciting it’s been developing for a platform with such potential and so many exclusive features, a few of which we’re currently exploring and will be gradually implementing post-launch. It’s also been incredibly humbling receiving the shared stage presence and support for Get Packed alongside the AAA titles on the Stadia storefront.

TSA: How did the partnership come about?

Callium & Jamie: The partnership with Google Stadia came about thanks to our publisher Coatsink. Coatsink’s CEO Tom Beardsmore was introduced to the Google Stadia team by a mutual friend and what started as simple curiosity – just to see what Google had up their sleeves for the gaming market in 2019 and 2020 – became this whole exciting adventure. As discussions progressed and Coatsink showed off a couple of their upcoming titles, they instantly fell in love with Get Packed.

TSA: Do you feel Google are making a commitment to both indie makers and the Stadia platform?

Callum & Jamie: Google already has a strong presence in the mobile and video streaming market and so Stadia feels like the logical next step. Considering recent investments – particularly the new studio in Playa Vista – it’s clear how dedicated Google is to the Stadia platform and its players.    

Our experience as an indie developer has been fantastic. Google has been incredibly supportive. With their resources, we’ve been able to increase the scope of Get Packed dramatically and make the game we always envisioned. The power of Stadia allowed us to really push the chaotic gameplay.

Get Packed is set to launch exclusively for Google Stadia in 2020.


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