Death Stranding £1500 jacket has already sold out, obviously

Kojima Productions are no strangers when it comes to merchandising opportunities. Before Death Stranding had even come into focus the studio was flogging all kinds of apparel from t-shirts and watches to figures based on their spacesuit clad mascot, Ludens.

Of course, those following Hideo Kojima during those later days of the Metal Gear Solid franchise will be all too aware of the rare branded merch attached to the now dormant stealth action franchise.


However, few pieces of gaming memorabilia linked to a new IP will fetch $1900 (around £1500), let alone sell out. That’s exactly what happened when premium German clothing brand, Acronym, launched a limited edition Death Stranding jacket.

The ultra stylish garment looks as though it has been stripped directly from the game, rocking a black and navy colour scheme with a yellow pouch, substituting the BB (Bridge Baby) container Sam Porter carries with him throughout Death Stranding.

Here’s Acronynm’s official description: “Official BRIDGES variant of J1A-GT Gen 2.2 to commemorate the release of DEATH STRANDING. Developed in close collaboration with Hideo Kojima and KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS. Conceived and art directed by Yoji Shinkawa.”

Admittedly, it’s a nice jacket and the fact that it sold out so fast underlines just how voracious the cult of Kojima are even with his Metal Gear days now a fading memory.

Despite the sheer amount of mystery surrounding Death Stranding on its road to release, the game was a huge hit among critics and picked up plenty of gongs, securing our Game of the Year 2019 Overall Winner Award.

We also scored the Kojima Productions debut a whopping 10/10 in our review, Tuffcub stating:

Death Stranding is like nothing I have ever played; beautiful, heart racing, heart breaking, frustrating, epic, stunning, and utterly nuts. I laughed, I cried, I cursed, and I went to the toilet an awful lot. Death Stranding isn’t just my Game of the Year, it’s a contender for Game of the Generation too.

Sadly it wasn’t available at launch though there is now a photo mode available in Death Stranding.

The game will be coming to PC later this year and is being published by 505 Games.

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