Myst TV show picks up X-Men: First Class and Thor writer to act as series showrunner

The TV adaptation of classic puzzle adventure game Myst has been boosted by the signing of Ashley Edward Miller to write the pilot episode and act as showrunner for the project.

Miller has several of high-profile writing credits to his name including the 2011 films X-Men: First Class and Thor, as well as the… less noteworthy Agent Cody Banks. Of course, a TV show is a different type of project, and he cut his teeth on the science fictionshow Andromeda in the early 2000s, and was writer, producer and editor on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and writer and producer on Fringe for its second and third seasons.


Adapting the Myst video game series, the TV show will seek to expand the lore of the universe. The story begins 10,000 years ago with the arrival of the D’ni on Earth, an ancient race who can create magical books that transport you to world known as Ages. The main plot of the games follows Atrus, the grandson of the woman who discovered the D’ni civilisation in New Mexico.

The video game series started in 1993, with the fifth and final part of the series coming in 2005 with Myst V: End of Ages. Created by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller, the series jumped back and forth between developers several times, as Cyan, Inc. created the sequel Riven before Presto Studios created Myst III: Exile for Ubisoft. Robyn left during this time while Cyan created the ambitious Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, a fully 3D game with an MMO component that eventually released as Myst Online: Uru Live. Ubisoft produced Myst IV: Revelation entirely in house, before Cyan returned to round out the saga with Myst V.

Rand is working with Village Roadshow Entertainment Group to develop and produce the show, alongside his youngest brother Ryan Miller.

As far as I’m aware, they’re not related to Ashley Miller in any way, but you have to admit, that’s an awful lot of Millers involved on one TV show.

Source: Deadline

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