Paradise Killer is an open world murder mystery coming this summer

Fellow Traveller and Kaizen Game Works has confirmed that it will be releasing an open-world murder mystery game, and it will be released on PC and Mac this summer. So, it’s a murder mystery but this is not just any murder mystery. This one contains an island that exists outside of reality and regenerates every few thousand years, a civilisation trying to raise dead alien gods, and demons. The island rebirth occurs because the psychic energy put out by worshippers attracts the demons which means the Council has to reset the island. I know this is sounding bizarre.

In Paradise Killer the island is at the eve of a rebirth to become Perfect 25 but before the ritual can take place the Council is murdered in a locked room. To investigate Lady Love Dies the investigation freak is summoned from exile to work out what happened. The key elements of the game include:

  • Breathe life back into Paradise – You are tasked with finding the killer and building an airtight case against them. Take your case to trial and argue your interpretation of the evidence. Only when someone is successfully convicted can the crime be considered solved and Paradise be saved. 
  • What are the facts? What are the truths? Are they the same? – The “truth” is that there are many possible killers, and many ways to build a case. Even if you make a convincing case for prosecution and get someone convicted, is the mystery really solved?
  • Explore an island full of secrets – Paradise is an island set in an alternate future history filled with cryptic lore and even more mysteries. Examine bizarre relics to learn more about this world’s surreal history.
  • Find YOUR Paradise – You choose who to accuse, and build a case to support a conviction. Everyone on Paradise has a secret to hide and something to gain. Old friends become new suspects, forcing you to choose between the evidence, the greater good and your own beliefs. There are many possible murderers, but who you pick will define your own personal truth.
  • Gather evidence – Let your personal computer and electronic assistant Starlight be your guide through another dance of an investigation. Collect evidence, record testimony and interpret the facts to form your own truth.
  • Unlock hidden areas – Solve hieroglyph puzzles on ancient nightmare computers to discover new areas of the island, find concealed evidence and reveal terrifying secrets.

Source: Press Release

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