Prison Architect will be getting free content in the form of Cleared for Transfer

Prison Architect will be getting some free downloadable content Paradox Interactive has confirmed, and this DLC is called Cleared for Transfer. The content will be going live on May 14th for all PC players. Cleared for Transfer will give players the opportunity to transfer players between different security levels, give prisoners special privileges, carry out shakedowns, hunt for tunnels, and initiate lockdowns on a sector by sector basis.

The key features will include:

  1. Prisoner Transfers: Prisoners can now transfer between security sectors of your prison. Requirements for transfer to a lower-security sector are entirely up to you.
  2. Special Privileges:  Privileges can be assigned based on the security sector, giving your prisoners a motivation to transfer. Prisoners in high security areas are able to see the privileges given to lower security sectors.
  3. Room Grading: You can now grade other rooms, such as yards, classrooms, common rooms, and a new gymnasium.
  4. Custom Security Sectors: Create areas with custom security sectors that can include prisoners from different security levels.
  5. New Actions and Enhancements: You can initiate actions like shakedowns, tunnel searches, and lockdowns by security sector.

Paradox also announced it would be the new publisher of the title on consoles while Double Eleven focuses on creating content for the game. This means there will be more DLC in the future for both PC and console versions of Prison Architect but it is not yet confirmed what will be released in the future.

In our review for Prison Architect, Kris wrote:

Even if Prison Architect didn’t come with a thought provoking, if short, campaign, it’d be easy to recommend to anyone with an interest in management sims. That addition not only brings some depth to the game, but it also serves as one of the most enjoyable and comprehensive tutorials I’ve ever played in a game. The only missed opportunity is the potential for more stories in main section of the game, perhaps coming as random events when a new prisoner arrives.

You can read the review here.

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